We combine modern vertical farming with hydroponics in a controlled environment to grow pesticide-free microgreens year-round.

Vertical farming

We stack our microgreens like an apartment complex, meaning we grow more in less space and can operate in urban areas, closer to you.


With our soilless growing method our microgreens are nourished by the water they are rooted in.

controlled environment

Our Technology based controlled environment removes external weather factors, so even in the middle of winter we keep our plants snug and warm.

why is it beneficial?

70% less water

With hydroponics and our soil-less irrigation method we use 70% less water than open-field farming

re-usable packaging

Being local means we can reuse our packaging, saving around 150 plastic clamshell containers per person every year

energy efficient

Low-energy LED lights and high-efficiency pumps combined with lots of insulation means our farm is very energy efficient

less land

Stacking our microgreens vertically uses less space so we can grow in urban areas

No Pollution

Our system is closed loop so the water is recycled meaning there is no risk of run-off into the local environment

no truck or planes

Being located in the community we serve means delivery miles are minimal and weather permitting we will use pedal power

less waste

We only grow to order, reducing food waste and our growing medium is a natural fiber that is composted after use

reliable food supply

Growing indoors in a controlled environment means we provide a
reliable food supply 365 days a year


We never use any herbicides or pesticides on our farm. We use nature's toolkit allowing our plants to thrive